1 verb
1 (I) informal an impolite word meaning to urinate
2 piss all over sb spoken an impolite expression meaning to thoroughly defeat a person or a team
3 piss in the wind spoken an impolite expression meaning to waste time or effort trying to do something that is impossible
4 be pissing (it) down (with rain) BrE informal to rain very heavily: By the time we got there, it was absolutely pissing down!
5 piss yourself (laughing) BrE spoken an impolite expression meaning to laugh uncontrollably: When Michelle fell in that puddle we absolutely pissed ourselves.
6 go piss up a rope! AmE spoken a very impolite expression used to tell someone to go away
7 not have a pot to piss in AmE spoken a very impolite expression meaning to be extremely poor
piss about/around phrasal verb BrE spoken
1 (I) an impolite expression meaning to waste time doing stupid things with no purpose or plan: Stop pissing about and get some work done!
2 (transitive piss someone about/around) an impolite expression meaning to treat someone badly by not doing what you have promised to do, or by not being honest with them: I wish he'd say yes or no - he's been pissing me around for weeks.
piss sth away phrasal verb (T) spoken a very impolite expression meaning to waste something very stupidly: Jean inherited a load of money, but she pissed it all away. piss off phrasal verb (I) spoken
1 (usually imperative) an offensive expression meaning to go away: Why don't you just piss off and leave me alone!
2 an offensive expression used to say no or to refuse to do something: “Johnny, will you do the dishes?” “Piss off!”
piss sb off phrasal verb (T) spoken an impolite expression meaning to annoy someone very much: It really pisses me off when my car won't start in the morning. 2 noun
1 (singular) spoken an impolite word for an act of urinating (urinate): have/take a piss: I need to have a piss.
2 (U) spoken an impolite word meaning urine
3 take the piss (out of sb/sth) BrE spoken to make fun of someone, especially by copying them or trying to make them believe something untrue: Stop taking the piss out of Dave! | -900 for that stereo? You're taking the piss!
4 be on the piss BrE spoken to be drinking a lot of alcohol: “Where's Jo?” “Out on the piss somewhere.”
5 a piece of piss BrE spoken something very easy: That test was a piece of piss!
6 full of piss and vinegar AmE spoken full of energy
3 adverb spoken piss poor/piss easy etc an impolite expression meaning very poor, very easy etc: “You'd make a piss-poor lawyer,” he replied.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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